Services that we offer:


Life planning and goal setting, case management, referrals for outpatient programs, therapists, clinicians, life coaches, weekly house meetings and check-in's, individualized recovery plans, individual sessions, three phase leveling system, peer group recovery support, random on-site drug testing and breathalyzer, employment therapy, allowing to continue education, focused direction and personal responsibility, family reunification, probation/parole/CPS support, and structure and accountability.

500 Terry Francois St.

San Francisco, CA 94158

Therapy Services​

- Individual Counseling

- Relapse Prevention Group

- Family Counseling


- Peer Support Group

- Life Skills Group

​Educational Services

- Chemical Dependent Education

- Accountability

- Pro-Social Communication

- Cognitive Restructure


- Public Relation Skills

- Inventory Control

- Money Management

- Personnel Management

- Multi Tasking Skills

- Transferrable Skills

   * Problem Solving Skills

   * Communication Skills

   * Coping Skills

- Team Building

- Point of Sale (Cashier)
- Food Prep/Runner
- Short Order Cook
- Reintegrating into the employment field

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